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A real-time buyer’s guide to the leading cryptocurrency news sites


The cryptocurrency world is no stranger to controversies. Exchange hacks, scam projects, Ponzi schemes, security breaches, fake news – over time, a variety of similar events have put their stamp on the industry and contributed to investors’ sense of insecurity. The crypto world had to come a long way to clean its name and lay the foundation of a stable and bright future. It couldn’t manage to do so without the help of credible news service providers. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of industry experts, news sites, project owners, and companies, today, the crypto industry is making massive steps towards mainstream adoption. Let’s take a look at the crypto news sites that have contributed to shaping the face of credible reporting in the industry.

Cryptocurrency News & Media Sites


If you are familiar with the crypto space, there is no chance you haven’t read something from CoinDesk. The media platform is among the leaders in the field and one of the top news sites for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. CoinDesk was founded in May 2013 with the aim to inform, educate, and connect the global investment community through news, data, events, and education. The platform reaches millions of users worldwide through its website, social media, newsletters, podcasts, video, research, and live events such as the annual Consensus summit held each May. The content on the site is differentiated in three sections – news, a learning section, and a research portal.


Cointelegraph is one of the leading independent media resources dedicated to crypto market news. Perhaps any person who has at least once been interested in cryptocurrencies or wanted to know what the distributed registry technology is all about getting into Cointelegraph articles. Resource Cointelegraph was founded in 2013. Today it is one of the leaders among the media about cryptocurrencies in the media space. The site has grown in the media holding Cointelegraph Media Group, which includes several resources, including TNW, Cryptocoins News, WorldCoinIndex, Coinmarketcap, VentureBeat, Investopedia, Coinspeaker and others.

All Crypto Whitepapers

All Crypto Whitepapers is the largest database of white papers and other technical documentation associated with the cryptocurrency projects. The platform’s hyperledger is decentralized. Currently, it has over 3 thousand documents. The company poses itself as the first platform to go to when searching for documentation from any cryptocurrency project. According to the All Crypto Whitepapers website, the database contains the whitepapers of literally all the cryptocurrencies that are traded on the market.


Altcoinlog is an independent information and analysis resource dedicated to Bitcoin, mining, blockchain, cryptocurrency assets, and services. All the necessary information about cryptocurrency is in one place: news, reviews, ratings, research, interviews, and guides. Users of this site will be able to read the latest news, useful tips, guides, and reviews, and express their opinions in the comments on any publication. has several products designed to make both Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Core more accessible. The products allow investors to buy, use, and store Bitcoin securely, and even earn Bitcoin through mining. The company also helps businesses accept Bitcoin payments and support developers building on Bitcoin. However, it has also developed a section that is dedicated to timely reporting of news and developments in the cryptocurrency and blockchain niche. The media platform helps investors monitor market prices and get up-to-date news about cryptocurrency prices, projects, regulation, mainstream adoption, and more. The news portal operates from several locations globally with its headquarters in Tokyo.


Beincrypto is the media website dedicated to cryptographic technology, fintech, and privacy. The Beincrypto team sees its goal as bringing transparency to the information world, where sponsored articles are so common.


CCN is a leading news service provider focused on delivering accurate and timely updates about the latest developments in the cryptocurrency and blockchain niche. In addition to blockchain and crypto news, the site also provides price information, a detailed ICO calendar, an event calendar, and more. Over time, the platform expanded its coverage beyond cryptocurrencies and started featuring news about gaming, global political and social developments, business, and financial markets in general. It also has an Op-Ed section, where readers are invited to write their own opinions and have them published as guest contributions. The platform is registered in Norway and is a part of the media company Hawkfish AS.

Bitcoin Magazine

Bitcoin Magazine is the oldest and one of the most established sources of news, information, and expert commentary on Bitcoin, blockchain technology and the surrounding industry. The platform was founded in 2012 by Mihai Alisie and Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum. In 2014, BTC Media acquired Bitcoin Magazine. The platform provides expert analysis, research, education, and thought leadership in a variety of topics within the fields of finance and technology. Bitcoin Magazine strives to present accurate, timely, and relevant material to the Bitcoin and blockchain communities. Bitcoin Magazine is a popular choice among newcomers, blockchain-savvy developers, investors, and entrepreneurs.


BitCourier – cryptocurrency portfolio tracker and independent UK-focused online crypto community and media website founded in 2020. Stay informed about happenings and events pertaining to blockchain technology, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance, fintech, and local crypto businesses.


NewsBTC is a premier news and resource platform founded in October 2013 with the aim to bring quality news content, reviews, technical analysis, and other unique insights to the ever-growing cryptocurrency community. NewsBTC covers news related to Bitcoin and altcoin exchanges, mining, price forecasts, technical analysis, mainstream adoption, and more. At first, NewsBTC started with the sole focus of educating its readers about Bitcoin but has grown with the cryptocurrency industry to cover various altcoins, blockchain projects, crowdsales, regulatory developments, blockchain, AI, IoT, and more. The content on the site is suitable for cryptocurrency community members, traders, researchers, students, and anyone in search of reliable information to understand and get involved in the crypto world.

Block Media

BitcoinKE (Block Media) is a Kenyan media platform dedicated to the phenomenon of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. It covers news, events, projects, meetups, and doing interviews across the African continent. According to the platform’s website, the company leans on the belief that the Blockchain is the foundation of the Internet 3.0.

Decrypt Media

Decrypt Media is an independent media brand founded in 2018 by ConsenSys. The news provider is situated in New York and is focused on covering stories and the latest news about Bitcoin, altcoins, trustless networks, privacy coins, oracles, and everything from the decentralized web. Aside from that, Decrypt Media reports on business, politics, art, culture, technology, education, and all the latest news from the global stage. According to the platform’s team, its desire is to bring transparency and accountability to the space. Decrypt Media states that they are both editorially independent and technologically agnostic.


BlockShow is a regular event taking place in different parts of the world gathering experts, professionals, and enthusiasts to discuss a wide array of topics related to the blockchain industry. BlockShow has hundreds of offices around the globe. The company holds both online and offline events providing the platform for hundreds of speakers at once. The events are visited by thousands of attendees. BlockShow is considered to be one of the largest crypto conferences. The gatherings take up to several days with speakers presenting in person or online. People from dozens of countries flock to BlockShow events. The event is useful for showcasing the newest technologies and innovations and networking. More than that, it helps to understand the future to come better and in detail.

The Block

The Block is considered among the leading research, analysis, and news brands in the digital asset space. Founded in 2018 and based in NYC, The Block’s team is spread all across the world (7 different time zones), which allows it to cover the global cryptocurrency and blockchain space 24/7. The news platform delivers deep insight into how this emerging sector interacts with traditional finance, technology, governments, and markets. Through The Block’s website, their informative newsletter, the Genesis research brand, as well as the podcast “The Scoop”, the team behind the project interacts daily with tens of thousands of crypto natives, financial market participants, Fortune 500 professionals, global service providers, government leaders, and more.


Bitcoinist is among the ultimate resources for blockchain- and cryptocurrency-related news, reviews, and education. Founded in 2013, the news site has become one of the prime sources for the latest and most accurate information in the digital assets niche. Today, Bitcoinist is visited by over 2 million readers each month. Bitcoinist’s team is comprised of three experienced editors and over a dozen seasoned writers. From business news, technical price analysis, and educational guides to community events and press releases, Bitcoinist provides valuable insights in its wide and timely coverage of the entire cryptocurrency industry. The platform is a preferred choice of crypto traders, miners, HODLers, and industry newcomers.


Coingape is the news website from India covering various aspects of crypto markets, starting from price analysis ending cryptocurrency regulations. The website features the “Internet of money” title and contains extensive news and educational sections. The up-to-date information on Bitcoin takes a separate column on the main page.


CryptoSlate is a blockchain media company established with the mission to deliver transparent and accurate coverage of cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption. The platform was founded in 2017 and operates from its headquarters in Seattle. The content on CryptoSlate’s website covers news related to blockchain and cryptocurrency including ICO information, rankings, blockchain events, regulation, mainstream adoption, gadgets, projects, and more. Aside from the website, CryptoSlate’s content is distributed via social media and on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. For $9.99 per month, the platform also offers a service called CryptoSlate Edge which offers access to exclusive add-free content, in-depth market analysis, original insights, member-only features, and more.


Coinpedia is the leading independent digital media resource covering a wide range of news on blockchain technology, crypto assets, and emerging fintech trends. Every day the team delivers the most accurate and up-to-date news from both the decentralized and centralized worlds. Coinpedia tells stories that benefit the readers. offers in-depth coverage of the latest global blockchain and cryptocurrency news. The site provides opinions, reviews, videos, and informative guides that help introduce the digital asset industry to newcomers and help the general public understand and successfully use the new technologies. It also aims at satisfying the needs of seasoned investors, professional traders, and cryptocurrency experts by providing in-depth analyses, ICO news, price trackers, and more. is backed by Antanas Guoga, founder of the International Blockchain Centre in Vilnius, Lithuania and He is also a member of the European Parliament.


CoinQuora is an independent media organization that has the goal of informing and educating all cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts with the latest news and updates regarding the said industry. The project provides sound and credible information from multiple sources to ensure that all news received by the readers will be impartial and objective.


Blockonomi was launched in 2017 with the aim of covering all aspects of the cryptocurrency, fintech, and blockchain worlds. The platform is focused on bringing timely unbiased news, informative articles, reviews, and in-depth tutorials to help its readers gain an understanding of the newest trends and technologies. Aside from the written materials, Blockonomi’s audience can enjoy live 24/7 blockchain, bitcoin, and cryptocurrency TV in partnership with BlockTV. Blockonomi was founded by Oliver Dale, a technology entrepreneur based in Manchester, UK. Blockonomi also operates a sister-site called MoneyCheck, which is focused on providing high-quality content about traditional finance and investments.


Coinstelegram is a blockchain & altcoins news media backed by You can read on Coinstelegram the best news about Bitcoin industry. The project consists of the decentralised team of crypto nomads based all around the world: in Asia – Philippines, Singapore, Europe – Malta, Spain, Russia and in the USA.


AMBCrypto is an independent blockchain and cryptocurrency news publishing platform. The site, which operates a European and an Asian version, was brought to life in 2018. AMBCrypto is a non-funded organization focused on delivering unbiased, authoritative, carefully researched, and timely articles and news updates covering every corner of the crypto industry. The content published on the site dives deep into different aspects of the digital asset world, exploring topics like Bitcoin, altcoins, blockchain, technological advancements, mainstream adoption, events, and more. Over time, the site has become one of the top cryptocurrency media portals in the US and UK. It is a preferred destination for both beginner investors and seasoned professionals who want to stay up-to-date with the latest stories from the crypto industry.

Cripto Media

Crypto Media is a leading website focusing on the Hispanics and Latin markets. With technology breakthroughs now occurring in fields such as AI, VR, nanotech, quantum computing, and an increasing number of businesses, entrepreneurs and consumers adopting blockchain technology.

Crypto Briefing

Crypto Briefing is a news platform focused on providing timely updates about the cryptocurrency industry as well as in-depth reviews and research materials. The site generates lots of content in a variety of categories, including independent digital asset reviews, guides, news, analysis, educational materials, events, data sources, and more. Aside from general crypto- and blockchain-related news, Crypto Briefing posts press releases and provides consulting services to start-ups and projects in the space. The platform also has a research arm called SIMETRI that offers investment picks, recommendations, digital asset analyses, and market insight reports. Crypto Briefing was launched in 2017.

BitcoinExchangeGuide (B.E.G.) is among the fastest-growing bitcoin and blockchain media outlets worldwide. It is also considered one of the best one-stop sites to keep you updated with the daily cryptocurrency news. The site is striving to become the most active bitcoin-oriented content curation and publishing platform and is clearly taking the right steps in that direction by publishing between 50 to 90 articles daily. The site is full of a wide range of news, detailed coin reviews, expert token analysis, in-depth user guides, market pricing, conference coverage, opinions, interviews, and more. The platform claims that no single bitcoin news outlet has broadcasted more relevant announcements, partnerships, updates, upgrades, and releases since it was founded in 2014.


CryptoPanic is one of the most popular news aggregator platforms dedicated to crypto. When visiting its dashboard, you’ll see titles of the news from multiple sources. The streaming way of news representation allows for getting an insight into a particular currency and market as a whole.


Coinspeaker was founded at the beginning of 2014 with the main goal to become one of the leading news outlets about cryptocurrencies, blockchain, finance, and investments. Coinspeaker’s coverage spans every aspect of finance, stocks, technologies, fintech, blockchain, digital assets, payments, and mainstream adoption. The content on the site consists of a mix of regular news, tech wraps, daily and weekly market updates, expert interviews, and more. The site also provides real-time prices and data for over 3000 cryptocurrencies, company-specific news for over 500 organizations, as well as a list of over 100 industry events and meetups. Coinspeaker’s target audience is a selection of market professionals, seasoned industry experts, and high net-worth readers.


Cryptopolitan brings you quality Blockchain and Cryptocurrency news, ICO reviews, crypto technical analysis, and other unique news insiders. They cover Bitcoin news, altcoins news, blockchain projects news, ICO news, regulatory developments and the confluence of news on the leading blockchain technologies.


BTCMANAGER is a cryptocurrency- and blockchain-focused media platform that aims to provide its readers with all the needed information to ensure their success in the digital assets world. The site publishes daily news articles that give accurate and timely information about developments in digital currency and innovations in financial technology. Newcomers in the space can also find informative resources to help them navigate the cryptocurrency world. BTCMANAGER publishes regular updates about new products, services, and companies as well as advice about safe and reliable ways to acquire bitcoin. The platform also issues a podcast and offers a list of popular events in the cryptocurrency niche.


CryptoPotato was established at the beginning of 2016 by several crypto early adopters. Over time, the site has managed to become one of the world’s leading information sources for cryptocurrency investors. CryptoPotato is focused on producing original high-quality content, covering every important aspect of the cryptocurrency world. The information on the platform is divided into several categories, focused on market updates, BTC, ETH, and XRP price analysis, and interviews. The valuable trading guides, evaluations, and ideas make CryptoPotato a useful source of information for both cryptocurrency beginners and experts. CryptoPotato also offers an investible cryptocurrency fund, operated and managed by the ICONOMI platform.

Inside Bitcoins

Inside Bitcoins is a dynamic news source for cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and the smart economy. The site was launched in 2015 with the aim to provide a balanced and unbiased voice in the blockchain industry. The platform produces content in a variety of forms, including useful reviews, articles, and tutorials. The news is centered around daily updates on cryptocurrencies, blockchain development, investments (including common asset classes like stocks, commodities, and FX), regulation, mainstream adoption, wallets, and more. The site also lists popular industry events that will take place throughout the year with a brief description and the date when it will take place. It is worth noting that Inside Bitcoins isn’t the most active news reporting site as it posts between 6 to 8 news stories per day.

The Daily HODL

The Daily HODL is a cryptocurrency news and analysis platform bringing the crypto community the latest updates on Bitcoin, altcoins, and blockchain technology. The site has a well-developed and rich news section that covers breaking stories related to cryptocurrencies, trading, regulation, scams, and more. The platform also has a category dedicated to analysis and opinion pieces from the Daily HODL team and prominent guest bloggers. The abundance of educational materials, guides, and tutorials make the Daily HODL platform a useful source of information for beginner investors and newbies taking their first steps in the crypto world. The press release section, on the other hand, allows readers to keep track of the latest developments within their projects of interest and stay up-to-date with timely updates from the industry’s leading companies and startups.


CoinGeek is among the most authoritative websites dedicated to blockchain and cryptocurrency news. The media platform provides timely news on the latest developments in the industry and features the brightest and most creative minds in the community to give its readers the best insights on the current state and direction of the technology. CoinGeek is focused on crafting Bitcoin guides and analyses based on diligent research, in-depth study, and thorough review by trusted industry experts. CoinGeek claims that it focuses only on provable truths, and not on speculation or rumors. The media platform also invests in Bitcoin ventures and organizes conferences and other events designed to bring together the leading voices in the blockchain community.

Ethereum World News

Ethereum World News is a website dedicated to providing up-to-date and relevant news in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. The platform’s team claims to be focused on bringing its audience unbiased content and objective real-time news. Ethereum World News satisfies the needs of experts and novices by providing in-depth materials in three main categories – Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Ripple. The latest news in the field is complemented by expert analysis, price projections, guides, and other informative materials.


Founded in 2017, U.Today is a global media organization focused on blockchain and crypto. Its website posts news, price analyses of major coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, and interviews with project founders and thought leaders. While news breaks 24/7, analyses are published daily, interviews are shared on a monthly basis, and U.Today’s writers pen regular opinion pieces. The site, which is available in English and Russian, also contains a crypto education section with primers on wallets, mining, trading, and related topics.

Coin Center

Based in Washington, D.C., Coin Center is a leading non-profit research and advocacy center focused on the public policy issues facing cryptocurrency and decentralized computing technologies. The platform’s mission is to build a better understanding of these technologies and to promote a regulatory climate that preserves the freedom to innovate using permissionless blockchain technologies. To achieve this, the team behind the project is focused on producing and publishing policy research from respected academics and experts to educate policymakers and the media about blockchain technology. The content comes in the form of research reports, analysis materials, op-eds, video guides, and more. In a nutshell, this is one of the best sources of valuable, well-researched, and insightful information regarding cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.


CoinJournal is a cryptocurrency news site that provides its readers with updates about the latest bitcoin, altcoin, and blockchain news from around the world. The content is divided into several categories including Bitcoin, Altcoins, Regulation, and Sponsored Stories. The information on CoinJournal’s website comes in a variety of different forms, including news updates, reviews, guides, press releases, and more. The site aims at satisfying the needs of cryptocurrency investors, HODLers, active traders, project owners, blockchain developers, and industry newbies.


CryptoNinjas is a widely popular global news and research portal focused on reporting the latest developments in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and providing valuable insights. Since it was founded in 2016, the platform has supplied the crypto community with industry information and has helped expand knowledge and understanding of the niche. The site provides up-to-date news and quality resources that foster the application of cryptographic assets and blockchain technology from individuals and small businesses to enterprises and governments. CryptoNinjas offers its audience a variety of useful resources, including a Bitcoin ATM map, real-time market data, token offerings, a list of events and conferences, and more.


Blokt is a cryptocurrency news outlet that was founded in 2017 by Greg Adams, a crypto enthusiast with a background in security, web journalism, media, and marketing. The platform is a suitable information source for individuals interested in privacy, blockchain, security, bitcoin, and altcoins. Everyone, from beginners to seasoned professionals, can use Blokt’s site to find valuable content that will keep them informed, safe, and up-to-date with the complex world of cryptocurrencies. The sections on the platform feature breaking stories and interviews with top experts about privacy, trading, mining, investments, regulation, and general cryptocurrency-related news. Thanks to Blokt’s proprietary TrendSpotter software, the editorial team has access to potential story opportunities even before they hit the news.


CryptoDaily was founded in 2017 and quickly became one of the most active and fastest-growing news platforms in the niche. What differentiates it from the other news sites is the fact that it is an open platform that allows you to publish crypto-related content for free. However, this doesn’t mean there is an influx of bad content or promotional materials. The team behind the project is dedicated to cover and inspire the crypto and blockchain economy across the world by providing high-quality and valuable content. This includes blockchain stories, coin updates, technical analysis articles, exchange information, wallet solutions, regulation, YouTube video guides, and much more. The site has offices in several countries across the world including Singapore, Amsterdam, Dubai, and the UK.

Live Bitcoin News

Live Bitcoin News is a global, market-leading news portal designed to offer unique, cutting-edge, and relevant news and information in the cryptocurrency space. The site is suitable for a mixed audience – from newcomers to seasoned veterans. The active traders among the readers, for example, will find Live Bitcoin News’ price analysis very helpful. The beginners, on the other hand, have everything they need to get familiar with the niche and take their first steps in the crypto world. Live Bitcoin News’ content is very diversified and covers everything from bitcoin and altcoin news, through educational guides and tutorials, to charts, event lists, rankings, and reviews. The site posts regular and timely updates about new developments in the space, including mainstream adoption and regulations.

Blockchain News

Blockchain News is a platform focused on establishing itself as a must-read, premier news brand focusing not just on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency markets — but also on the culture and personalities of the industry. Blockchain News was founded in 2015 by Richard Kastelein with the goal of educating and informing those curious about blockchain. The site writes about hard news, breaking stories, and market trends, but also covers the visionaries and key figures of the industry. Blockchain News appeals to blockchain professionals, as well as mainstream readers and pop culture enthusiasts. The team behind the project likens it to Rolling Stone from the 1960s, in that they bring the mainstream to the counterculture until it goes mainstream.


Smartoptions is a news platform with the latest information about trading, exchanges, and cryptocurrency. The service believes after more than 30 years of experience that trading is not a monthly thing and it takes time to make steady returns. More than 96% of the people that say they trade don’t have a net positive result year one year. The service believes that everyone should have the best information available to make your investment choice. Smartoptions scouts the market for better options and writes about them so others can join.


NullTX is a news platform launched with the mission to solve its readers’ main crypto-related problems. It was founded in June 2014 and is headquartered in San Francisco. The site provides news, reviews, and educational articles regarding Bitcoin, altcoins, financial markets, regulation, and more. The platform publishes many articles per day intended to keep crypto investors, miners, industry experts, and enthusiasts up-to-date with the latest developments in the field. Readers can find anything from how to make money with digital assets to how to create a cryptocurrency. NullTX also has a section with featured pieces that includes guest posts, analysis, and interviews with key decision-makers and leading figures.


CoinIdol is an international cryptocurrency media outlet focused on the latest news about bitcoin and altcoins, blockchain, distributed ledger technology solutions, fintech, financial innovations, and more. The project was founded in May 2016 with the mission to form and inform the new generation of fintech and digital currency community members. CoinIdol’s readers can take advantage of informative pieces, divided into several categories, including business, politics, blockchain, events, PR, and more. The site publishes the latest news and reviews about cutting edge financial technologies and delivers unbiased expert opinions and analysis on a daily basis. CoinIdol has English and Italian language versions.


KryptoMoney is a platform that brings together the latest news and events transforming the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries. Aside from reporting hot stories from the digital assets world, it also provides in-depth analysis of different cryptocurrency prices, markets, and products, as well as original research written by a team of journalists passionate about the crypto market. The content on the site is suitable for everyone – from beginners taking their first steps in the world of cryptocurrencies, through crypto enthusiasts wanting to stay up-to-date with the latest news, to professionals seeking advanced price analysis. KryptoMoney’s mission is to help ease the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies and explain the complex mechanics of the new and rising asset class. KryptoMoney is based in Canada.


BlockTribune is a daily news and information site devoted to providing the latest updates regarding Bitcoin, altcoins, and the underlying blockchain technology. Founded in 2015, the BlockTribune is focused on covering not only digital assets themselves but also the regulatory environment for cryptocurrencies, the people who use them, the popular use-cases, and the overall market direction and recent developments in the field. The team behind the project investigates the opportunities for commercial activity, investing in bitcoin as a commodity, the functionality of the blockchain, and uses of this new technology beyond its function as a medium for transactions. BlockTribune is an insightful source of information for everyone interested in cryptocurrencies, new technology, and their investment potential.

Altcoin Buzz

Altcoin Buzz is an independent digital media outlet that delivers the latest news and opinions in the world of Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain Technology, Regulations, Adoption and Blockchain Gaming. Altcoin Buzz has an active, engaged and organically grown community of over 200,000 subscribers across multiple digital platforms including our website and YouTube Channel. Our mission is to empower crypto enthusiasts, investors blockchain founders and analysts with relevant content to better understand and experience the crypto revolution and stay up to date with the crypto industry.


Smartereum is among the leading news platforms in the Ethereum community. The site has established itself as an authoritative daily news provider that aims at informing, educating, and connecting the global crypto and blockchain community. Smartereum covers breaking news, announcements, information, and in-depth analyses on Ethereum, blockchain, and virtual currency developments. The content on the site is divided into several categories including News, Markets, Mining, Regulation, Events, and more. Founded in August 2017, the platform quickly managed to become a leading source of information with over 2m monthly users. Smartereum also publishes The State of Blockchain – an insightful must-read analysis on the growth of blockchain technology.


Coinrevolution is a cryptocurrency- and blockchain-focused news platform with the main aim to contribute continuously to the mainstream adoption of both industries. Coinrevolution claims that it is tasked with three primary objectives – to create, grow and offer professional guidance on how traders, organizations, and capitalists can push the space of digital assets and distributed ledger technology in a manner that is seamless and powered by prosperity, trust, and truth. The team behind the project is focused also on providing educational and informative materials that make it easy for those who want to trade. Aside from news reporting and education, the site also offers a convenient ICO calendar and an events list.


CryptoGround is an independent publishing house that provides Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Technology News. It is a News Media Platform which serves its audience with accurate News and Analytical Articles. It is committed to providing unbiased News & Reports related to various Cryptocurrencies, Decentralized Apps, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and Blockchain technology. CryptoGround states that they believe in ethical journalism and due diligence, which is why they lay particular stress on transparent reporting. The platform strives to help readers gain valuable, trusted insights through in-depth analysis, high-quality and well-researched news stories, and views from the digital currency community experts.

Bitcoin PR Buzz

Bitcoin PR Buzz is a PR service provider aimed at helping cryptocurrency and blockchain projects reach a wider audience and achieve better exposure. With that said, it is not a news platform in the pure sense. However, the constant updates and press releases posted on the site make it a preferred choice for crypto enthusiasts looking to find out the latest news surrounding their preferred projects or new developments in the niche. The press releases and articles posted on the platform range from exchange promotions and launches of new digital asset projects, to wallets, crypto lending companies, and much more. Bitcoin PR Buzz partners with a number of clients and other crypto platforms. Its materials are often published on industry-leading sites like Bitcoinist, Bitcoin Magazine, CryptoCoinsNews, etc.

BTC Wires

BTC Wires is an online digital media platform aimed at reporting the latest news and providing the most relevant information about the crypto and blockchain technology industry. The platform’s mandate is to educate, inform, and connect the readers and experts over the globe. BTC Wires is a news service provider that spreads Bitcoin and altcoin updates regarding trading, mining, regulation, mainstream adoption, and more. The content is divided into several categories, namely C-Buzz, Around the Block, Analysis, Cryptalk, Block-o-Pedia, and more. The team behind the project states that among its goals is to protect its audience from marketing materials and paid content. The site is a useful source of information for readers with diversified experience – from beginners to pros.

Blockchain Today

Blockchain Today is a news platform where visitors can find the latest updates about the cryptocurrency industry, as well as the notable developments in the blockchain world. Blockchain Today’s main aim is to provide timely reporting on the important industry news concerning everyone from active traders through long-term HODLers to crypto enthusiasts. The site also focuses on navigating those who are making their first steps within the digital asset industry. Aside from reporting the most relevant news, Blockchain Today also features a “Cryptopedia” section designed for everyone who intends to gain strong knowledge about blockchains and crypto. There is also a “Market tools” section that contains information about cryptocurrency prices and upcoming ICOs.


Bitnewstoday is an international informational and analytical web-source devoted to the digital economy. The team behind the project monitors and covers a variety of topics including state regulation of the digital economy, investments, blockchain use-cases, cryptocurrency price information, ICOs/STOs, crypto exchanges, investment funds, cybersecurity, scams, and more. The platform has a well-developed category devoted to tracking the progress of cryptocurrency regulation and its development in over 30 different countries. There is also a “Forecasts” section that readers can take advantage of and find informed and well-researched pieces about potential market movements. The team of Bitnewstoday analytics is comprised of industry experts, opinion leaders, and influencers as well as business representatives.

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